Experiential Learning

Going Beyond Campus

Learning by doing is the essence of The Alf Method of teaching. 在凯时体育app, we provide students the opportunity to extend their 学习ing beyond the campus through experiential programs. These offerings are woven into academic courses and beyond and include field study, academic partnerships and travel programs.

How do we do it? We leverage our location in the greater Los Angeles area and make Southern California and the western region an extended classroom.

Unbounded Days

Unbounded Days draws upon our enduring purpose of inspiring students to boldly reach for a greater sense of who they are and what they can achieve. Through immersive, collaborative, relevant and deeply engaging journeys that connect the classroom and the broader world, students expand their understanding of what it means to think, create and reflect. They 学习 that their possibilities and their minds are truly unbounded.

Unbounded Days 2020 included some 30 courses, ranging from 3 to 5 days in length. A sampling includes: Discover Catalina: Catalina Island Marine Institute, Canyoneering in Zion, Research with Drones: The Role of Technology in Biology and Conservation, LA Film, Tech Challenge and Investing in the 21st 世纪.

Field 研究

Field study is embraced across every department and discipline at Webb. In a given year, 30 or more field excursions take students from working in a biological field station to hunting history in a cultural archive — allowing students to apply what they are 学习ing in real-life experiences. Recent programs include The Huntington Library, Los Angeles Philharmonic and NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory.


Trips Program

Our Trips Program offers domestic and international trips during school breaks and in the summer. Our goal with these trips is to provide student travelers with defining experiences that help them expand their world views. Our trips promote unbounded thinking, global fluency and global citizenship through field study, cultural exploration, language immersion and community service. Trips are announced each fall and, unless specified, open to the entire Webb community. Recent trips include Spain, France and Costa Rica.


Symposium Days

Symposium Days provide an opportunity to explore and celebrate intellectual curiosity beyond the classroom. By providing a forum for students and teachers to engage with new ideas that go beyond the traditional curriculum, we foster unbounded thinking across disciplines.

Two such programs at Webb include the Men in the Arena for WSC students and the Dies Mulieres for VWS students. Men in the Arena offers students and teachers a variety of active and reflective workshops that promote positive images of masculinity while dispelling negative cultural stereotypes. Dies Mulieres, “Day of the Women,” celebrates and explores the many facets of womanhood and the important issues facing women today. Most workshops are designed and presented by students, teachers, alumni and friends of Webb.


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